Monday, January 18, 2010

A Vision for Higganum Village

The Farmer’s Market was just one of the many projects envisioned two years ago as part of a comprehensive plan for guiding Higganum toward a sustainable future. Now that the Market is soundly established and its management turned over to a board of advisors, the founders are refocusing on the broader vision. It is their intention to encourage the thoughtful development of the existing village while preserving historic structures and surrounding farmsteads, woodlands and waterways in order to provide for the community’s health and well-being, economic vitality, cultural continuity, and connection with nature. In so doing, the group hopes to improve the quality of life for this and future generations.

Toward that goal, a steering committee, the Higganum Vision Group, has formed. Open to all of the community, it has quickly grown to over twenty active, committed members. Task forces are already working to: Prepare a record of the Village’s recent projects and their status; Identify the unique characteristics of the Village, naming its strengths and weaknesses; Capture the community’s vision for the Village; Form a non-profit organization; and Obtain funding for programs through grants and fundraising events.

Additional task forces will soon be created with the purpose of: Supporting the Farmers’ Market and other events that coincide with the Village vision; Promoting the village, local businesses, events, and projects; Revitalizing the village economy; and Designing for place-making, traffic calming, pedestrian and bike safety, and sustainability.

If you are interested and action-oriented please join this exciting group. For more information, please contact us.

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  1. I love the photos to the BLOGSITE, Liz. Can we add some? It makes me think of the poster about community. Maybe some of you have seen this, from a poster (originally done in 1998-via Syracuse Cultural Workers Publishing Co.)
    --How To Build a Community--
    Turn off your TV*Leave your house
    Know your neighbors*Look up when you are walking* Greet people*Sit on your stoop*
    Plant Flowers*Use your library*Play together*
    Buy from local merchants*Share what you have*
    Help a lost dog*Take children to the park*
    Garden Together*Support Neighborhood Schools*
    Fix it even if you didn't break it*
    Have Pot Lucks*Honor Elders*Pick Up Litter* Read Stories Aloud*Dance in the Street*
    Talk to the Mail Carrier*Listen to the Birds* Put up a Swing*Help Carry Something Heavy*
    Barter For Your Goods*Start A Tradition*Ask A Question*Hire Young People for Odd Jobs*
    Organize a Block Party*Bake Extra and Share*
    Ask For Help When You Need It*Open Your Shades*Sing Together*Share Your Skills*
    Take Back the Night*Turn Up The Music*Turn Down The Music*Listen Before You React To Anger*
    Mediate A Conflict*Seek To Understand*
    Learn From New And Uncomfortable Angles*
    Know That No One is Silent-Though Many Are Not Heard*Work To Change This